Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the training duration for each package ?

The training duration varies from 20 days to 120 days which depends on the course you are opting for. That is why we advice our customers to join the demo and speak to our experts who will suggest you the course and the duration according to your background and capability.

2. What If I need an accelerated training program?

Yes, we do have a separate accelerated tailored program for employees/managers/senior managers/project leaders/operations managers etc. You just need to get in touch with one of our counselors via email or by calling them to fix up a meeting with the expert. They will be taking care of your training program.

3. Can I get a custom training package?

Yes, we have a customer training package too. You can choose modules or topics according to your job needs or your background. We will add or remove according to the market requirement and start your training program.

4. How do I communicate with the management?

You can get in touch with management via email or by simply calling us. You can email us at,,,

5. How do I communicate with the faculty?

You can get in touch with management via email or by simply calling us. You can email us at,,,

6. Can you get demo organized?

Yes, we can. Email us your convenient timings and date along with your personal contact number. We will get back to you asap to arrange the meeting. Email us at,

7. What is the registration process?

Please visit our website and register your details. As soon as we receive your contact details our expert counselor will give you a call. According to your background and course requirement a demo will be arranged. You will receive the meeting link and the course content along with company profile. If you like the demo, we will register your name and start your classes.

8. What are the terms and condition?

We will forward the terms and conditions only after you register for the classes.

9. What is the refund policy?

We will refund the amount within 3 days after the starting of the classes. If there are any technical or functional issues at our end then the company will refund your amount after deducting the expenses occurring on pro-rata bases.

10. What are the steps in Placement assistance?

As soon as you complete the training, the candidates interested in placement will be attending mock interviews and resume building classes. We would need 60 days of exclusive marketing rights for which the candidate will have to sign an agreement send it back to us. We will start conducting interviews after that.

11. How many interviews can I attend?

You can attend 2 or maximum of 3 interviews.

12. Do you provide help with resume writing and Interview preparation?


13. Will I be terminated even after paying for the course?

If you forfeit the terms and conditions then our contract will be terminated and the amount will not be refunded.

14. Do you provide server access and for what duration?

Yes, server access is provided. The duration of server access will depend on package to package.

15. Can we have classes early morning, late evening and weekends?


16. Can I change my course if I don't like it and will the fees be transferred to the new training course?

Yes, you can but it has certain limitations. You will know that during your demo session.